live desperately;

for the clock is unforgiving

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the more time I spend with you, the harder I fall for you.
be it earlymorning conversations, after-supper silliness, or the passing-bys inbetween, I’m finding you in me.
you make me want to open my mouth and tell you what I’m feeling, dreaming about.
I love your spontaneity, your crazy laughter, all of your faces, and your raw honesty.

I’m in love with you.

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Because even if I am fearful, there is much to say. And it’s selfish to let my insecurities speak louder than my love. I don’t care if my life is big or grand or short or long, I just want to make sure I told you everything when I had you. I don’t want fear to be the pilot, flying an airplane full of unsaid words.
Hannah Brencher, this blog post (via pureblyss)

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